Logistics at work! ICCL’15 – International Conference on Computational Logistics in Delft

After a year of planning, months of collecting emails, reading abstracts, drafting and reviewing papers, the 6th International Conference on Computational Logistics (supported by the Transport Institute) was finally held in Delft, September 22-26. More details at http://realtimelogistics.info/iccl/


That was the sixth of its kind, and marked still an increase in amount of participants ( in the number of 100) and scientific contributions – about 60 papers, as well as a wonderfully thick book of proceedings which is also available online here:


Rudy Negenborn, Stefan Voss and myself shared many efforts in making this work!

The presentations were well organized in sessions about logistics in and over water systems (not surprisingly in a country which is fighting and benefitting at the same time from water systems), coordination within and across systems ( think of a supply chain spanning the globe, or organization in a production system), as well as VRP problems, which are an hot area of research. Moreover, we organized a pre-conference workshop in which participants could directly understand the challenges of logistics systems; and an excursion to the port of Rotterdam, where participants could actually see it real life. Three plenary speakers, Albert Veenstra, Hugo Fonseca, Cathy Macharis, expressed their views on the challenges that logistics is facing now or will have to tackle to match our vision.

One of the most interesting feature I must admit was an artist drawing posters of presentations! It’s quite hard to shift from a paper of 20 pages, to a presentation of 20 minutes, and further to a single picture, such as this one:


Some more examples are online at


I look forward hearing about the next steps at ICCL’16 in Portugal, to be held in September next year.

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