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Have you ever thought that transportation problems are useless? In reality, real world has so many interesting problems, which can be solved by the techniques studied and developed within the Transport Institute! There are many open challenges, for which developing a solution not only will boost your career but might also give some nice reward! And it can also be a lot of fun, especially if you’re competing with other teams worldwide.

One of such challenge has just been released by Informs, the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences, and more precisely its Railway Application Section.  It is about railway track analytics, forecasting when measured defects on a railway line might need repair to keep a safe circulation of trains. The competing team that is able to predict at best the degradation, wins 2000 $!


Based on some recorded track geometry  data by a major railway company in US, the sequence of inspection, the traffic run, the participants should make a model that is able to predict what the status of degradation of the track will be in a period of time. Thus more or less refined approaches ranging from time-series, machine learning, statistics, forecasting,… can all be used!

I am organizing this challenge this year. Last years the competitions were accepted by more than 50 teams, among which the top teams were invited for a presentation in US. The Netherlands so far scored relatively good with a third place last year, by Erasmus University!

More details and instructions at:


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