Creating a better everyday life for the many people!

We knew it would be a short night and unfortunately for the smart ones that went to sleep early, it was also a short night. Even though a false fire alarm went off in the hostel at 22:30, everyone was presents at six o´clock in the morning. The journey went fast, even though we missed the ferry to Helsingborg we arrived 6 minutes early at IKEA. Here we were received by three enthusiastic IKEA contributors. First they told their story about working by IKEA. One of the staff told us he started as a cleaning help in the kitchen at IKEA in Vancouver and after a few postings at America and Belgium he now is based in Sweden and Delft at the logistic headquarters. Their stories had all the same clue; No matter who you are, IKEA can offer you great opportunities as long as you are into their vision: To create a better everyday life for the many people.

After their short presentation we did also a presentation about Dispuut Verkeer and the study tour. The organisers of the IKEA visits had made a whole agenda full with inspiring lectures given by different managers of IKEA Logistics and Inter Ikea. We were informed on the vision, the business plan, the logistic process and the transport network. Due to the many questions from the students we were behind of schedule even before the lunch break. After a quick IKEA lunch the programme went on with a Case study on sustainable transport. The students were supposed to come up with a solution for the use of non-fossil fuels and the obstacles that had to be removed. After this we were informed about the possible career and internship possibilities at IKEA.

At the end of the day, the managers of IKEA were impressed by the case studies of the students; and possible cooperations between Ikea and the TU Delft were discussed with Mr. Pel.  We are curious if this might lead to a sustainable cooperation between the department Transport & Planning and Ikea. We are the lucky ones that are sleeping at a real hotel tonight because it was cheaper than all the hostels in Malmo! Tomorrow we will go further to Hamburg.

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About Jessica Aceves Flores

It is time to get science connected to the real world! I am developing my career on transport and logistics and currently I have the following goal: To sharpen mobility!
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