The Study Tour 2014 Begins!

atkinsUpon arrival to Copenhagen we enrolled in a nice bike ride across the city guided by two experts from the Cycling Embassy. We couldn’t have been luckier because despite the average negative temperatures that day we had a nice sunny Sunday!

As part of our bicycle tour we go to explore the Green Cycle Routes all over town including a street recently turned into a pedestrian-cycle street running along the main shopping street!

After we returned the bikes we took a trip to explore Copenhagen and get ready to get serious for the coming days.

Our Monday started with a visit to the Femern Offices. They are responsible of planning the project of what will be the longest immersed tunnel in the world bringing Denmark closer to Germany and the rest of Europe, completing the prioritary TEN-T Route that connects Europe from Finland to Italy.

After this interesting morning we were received with a delicious lunch at Atkins. The group that received us is in charge of Rail and Urban Development. Interesting to see, this was not the first time for them to come in touch with the Dutch, as they had been assessed by Rob van der Bijl in light rail and bicycle planning. The case that we had to solve was related to our previous activity as it was about assessing the feasibility of installing bicycle lanes with different lanes for different speeds (30, 20, 10 Km/hr). As Dutch people we are very familiar with the topic and were able to provide interesting ideas about the topic such as the need for dedicated infrastructure and safety measures.

Next stop: The Oresund Committee. It was already 4 in the afternoon and people were still very enthusiastic about our visits and this last one was not the exception. We were surprised by the activities that the Orseund Committee is engaged with. Their founding is motivated by the ambition of the Oresund area to be a worldwide transportation and logistics link. The Oresund bridge has existed since  July 2000 and it already has generated as much income to give the opportunity to envision a new connectivity project in the area. At the moment the Committee is looking into three alternatives, where the most relevant is the HH Project that will potentially connect Helsingör to Helsingborg!  A lot has to happen before this project gets a green light but these guys are ready to make it be a reality!

This has been a very successful kick-off for our Study Tour. In less than an hour we will be at the office of the largest shipping line in the world: Maersk. Stay tuned for the review!

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